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What a SEMRush - Filling the Content Gap

As an Airbnb manager, I've always valued the importance of delivering in all aspects of my work. This concept has traditionally been associated with business transactions, but I've recently discovered its relevance extends to content creation as well.

Creating articles filled with expertise and insights once seemed a daunting task. But a recent shift in my perspective has changed this view.

The Power of Human Interaction

A mandatory onboarding call for a software subscription led to an enlightening discovery - the undeniable influence of human interaction in business. Having a real person address my questions, instead of an impersonal automated response, made all the difference. This experience sparked a question: could there be others out there experiencing the same sense of isolation as I did?

Prompted by this realization, I conducted keyword research and discovered a niche with surprisingly low Keyword Difficulty (KD) ratios waiting to be explored.

A Shift in Direction

Recognizing the need for content in this niche and my expertise in the subject matter, I decided it was time for a change in direction - a shift from my traditional work toward content creation.

Drawing from my years of experience in Airbnb management, I’m now ready to share the knowledge I've gathered with a wider audience. Finding my rhythm in Airbnb management has prepared me to embrace this new chapter. I’m excited to share my experiences and insights on app selection, dealing with guests, cleaners, managers, the nuances of remote work, and my plans for expansion.

Embracing the Change

With this change in direction and my enthusiasm for sharing my insights, I'm eager to delve into content creation. It’s vital to remember, just like the dentist who taught me the importance of balance and continuous growth, always keep your readers at the core of your content creation process.

This shift isn't just about exploring a new niche; it's about leveraging my experiences and knowledge in a way that benefits others and helps them navigate their own paths. Stay tuned as I embark on this new chapter, exploring uncharted opportunities with you.


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