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Goodall-Witcher Website


360 Solutions

Website, Branding

Goodall-Witcher Hospital, located in Clifton, Texas, is a dedicated healthcare organization providing comprehensive medical services to the community of Bosque County and beyond. With an unwavering commitment to patient care, the hospital sought to transform their online platform to match the excellence of their on-the-ground services. As part of the 360 Solutions team, I had the privilege of taking part in this transformative journey.

Challenges & Objectives

Our primary goal was to create an intuitive, modern, and feature-rich digital interface that would reflect the hospital's commitment to quality. The project required careful planning and execution to ensure seamless integration of critical features like a patient portal, online bill payment, and an electronic medical records system. Additionally, the administration needed an easy-to-use job-board that could be frequently updated with new postings. Another challenge was to consolidate the vast amount of information contained across multiple pages into a coherent and accessible structure.

Our Approach & Execution

Leveraging the capabilities of Webflow, we gave the administrative team full access and control to update their job-board. We restructured the website's information architecture, streamlining eight pages of data into a single, comprehensive "Facilities" section under the "About Us" page. This included a detailed "Bosque County Hospital District" page for minutes and agendas, as well as a comprehensive set of "Patient" pages, with its own navigation.

Unique Design Elements

In an effort to create an engaging user experience, I introduced some innovative design elements. One of my favorites was the timeline on the "About Us" page which elegantly showcased the hospital's history with a blend of imagery and informational content.


The final product is a website that not only effectively communicates Goodall-Witcher Hospital's vision but also enhances the patient's journey through an improved digital experience. I'm proud to have contributed to a project that plays a significant role in the hospital's mission of providing exceptional healthcare to their community.

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