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Galaxy Bath Bombs: A Packaging Odyssey through Outer Space


Josh Rizzo Design

Package Design

The Galaxy Bath Bombs project was an assignment during my packaging design class at Baylor University, and a chance to create a unique, immersive product experience. Tasked with designing the packaging for three different scents of bath bombs, I aimed for a holistic design strategy that brought together creativity, sensory appeal, and customer engagement.

Design Concept and Execution

My vision was to transport the customer to outer space the moment they picked up the product. The inside of the box replicated the infinite expanse of the cosmos, complete with stars and galaxies, serving as a backdrop for the bath bombs that sat at the center. Each box exterior represented the unique scent and bath bomb design, ensuring a cohesive and visually impactful product presentation.

To further enhance the tactile experience, every element of the packaging was custom-made, including the astronaut cut-out and the peek-through plastic material, enabling a glimpse into the cosmic interior. The overall design resulted in a beautiful, multi-dimensional display piece that retained its visual charm even when closed.


The Galaxy Bath Bombs project showcased the power of design to create a unique customer experience. By integrating the product's essence into the packaging, it provided an immersive sensory journey, underlining the importance of strategic, customer-centric design in product packaging.

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