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Creating a Dynamic Digital Experience for MCA


Outpour Co


In partnership with Jessica Hannan at Outpour Co, I embarked on a project to elevate the online presence of Movement Christian Academy (MCA). Our joint goal was to create a user-friendly website that not only reflected MCA's core values and mission but also provided a dynamic, engaging experience for its users.

Design Approach

The cornerstone of my role was to expand upon Jessica's branding work for the school. Using Wix as our platform, we focused on creating a clean, modern design that naturally guided users through the site. The use of engaging multimedia content brought MCA's unique qualities to the front, creating a vibrant portrayal of the school's academic ethos and community spirit.

Incorporating Engaging Elements

To make the user's journey through the site more exciting, I added subtle yet effective animations. These interactive elements, carefully placed at various points, provided a lively, immersive experience, encouraging users to explore the site more deeply. It was not just about presenting information, but about telling a story that would captivate prospective families and the MCA community alike.

Functionality and User Experience

A key aspect of our strategy was to ensure seamless functionality. We implemented features such as an online application system and an announcement platform. This streamlined the enrollment process and facilitated timely communication with the school community, enhancing overall user experience.


The final product is more than just a website - it's a lively, engaging platform that communicates MCA's vision effectively. Its aesthetic appeal, user-friendly interface, and the engaging animated elements have contributed significantly to the school's growth, enhancing its online presence, and attracting more potential families.


This project stands testament to the power of strategic design - where visual appeal, functionality, and user engagement intersect. Building on Jessica's branding and enhancing it with Wix's capabilities, we crafted an online experience that truly resonates with MCA's audience and continues to drive its growth.

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