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Bringing Outpour's Brand Strategy to Life


Outpour Co


Outpour Co, a design agency led by Jessica Hannan, stands out in a sea of competition, capturing hearts and minds with distinctive brand strategy. As a branding strategist, Jessica had established a vibrant new brand identity, and my challenge was to embody this vision in an interactive, engaging web presence.

Design Approach & Challenges

A key part of the rebranding process was to ensure every touchpoint on the site was meticulously reviewed and attended to. Creating an online experience that reflected Outpour's uniqueness meant incorporating advanced interaction animations—a challenging feat successfully achieved with the help of Webflow.

Highlights & Key Features

The website boasts around 10 unique interactions that actively engage with users, contributing to a distinctive user experience.

Mouse Hover Animations on Water Droplets

A particularly compelling feature of the Outpour site is the mouse hover animations on water droplets. In a world saturated with brands vying for consumer attention, standing out is no small feat. Jessica Hannan, through Outpour, aims to craft unique brand identities that pierce through this clutter. These animations metaphorically symbolize this concept — each droplet reacts uniquely to the user's cursor, akin to how a well-branded company responds distinctively to market fluctuations and customer interactions.

Moving Blobs as a Background

Another notable element is the slow-moving gradient blobs in the background of the quote section. The animations here are subtle, creating a dynamic yet non-distracting backdrop that maintains user focus on the content while providing a pleasing aesthetic effect. The colors chosen for the blobs mirror Outpour's branding, subtly reinforcing brand identity while elevating the overall user experience.

Beating Heart Animation

The beating heart animation in the "What's a brand anyways?" section serves to articulate a profound concept. This feature metaphorically demonstrates the role of a brand in the customer's heart. A brand is more than a logo or a tagline; it's an entity that resonates with customers on an emotional level, creating connections that go beyond mere business transactions. The beating heart animation pulses at a steady rhythm, symbolizing the consistent, reliable experiences that a solid brand strives to deliver to its audience.

Outcome & Success

The result is a vibrant, dynamic website that effectively translates Outpour's brand identity into a lively, interactive online experience. The website not only encapsulates Outpour's branding philosophy but also serves as a testament to the transformative power of strategic web design and development.

Check out the live Outpour website to fully experience this compelling brand journey.

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