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Choose a standard retainer for web development or an SEO retainer to improve your search rankings.

Standard Retainers



10 hours

Designed for individual entrepreneurs and professionals, this package supports the enhancement and management of your online presence, ensuring a functional and appealing website.



25 hours

Tailored for larger businesses, it offers comprehensive web development support, essential for high-traffic sites and businesses primarily operating online.



50 hours

Ideal for agencies managing multiple clients, this package provides a wide range of web development services, from complex project management to innovative web solutions.

What can I do with a retainer?

Please note that these estimates are approximate, not exhaustive, and can vary based on the complexity and specific requirements of each project. The actual hours required for each deliverable will be determined in consultation with you, ensuring that the scope of work aligns with your expectations.

Email Design and Relevant Media

  • Email Campaign Strategy Development and Implementation: 6-10 hours

  • Email Template Design: 3-6 hours per template

  • Graphic Creation for Email Campaigns: 2-4 hours per campaign

  • A/B Testing and Performance Analysis: 4-6 hours per campaign


Social Media and Content Creation

  • Social Media Post Graphics: 2-4 hours per set

  • Video Creation and Editing: 4-8 hours per minute

  • Engagement and Community Development: 4-6 hours per week


Branding and Identity Design

  • Logo Design: 5-10 hours

  • Brand Style Guide: 5-8 hours

  • Business Card Design: 2-4 hours

  • Letterhead and Envelope Design: 2-4 hours


Marketing Collateral Design

  • Brochure Design: 6-10 hours

  • Flyer/Poster Design: 3-6 hours

  • Presentation Design (PowerPoint or Keynote): 3-6 hours

  • Print Ad Design: 2-4 hours


Website Design and Development

  • Homepage Design: 8-12 hours

  • Inner Page Design: 5-8 hours per page

  • Website Development: 5-10 hours per page


Landing Page Design

  • Landing Page Wireframe and Design: 4-6 hours per landing page

  • Conversion Optimization: 2-4 hours per landing page

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Basic Growth


+$350 set up

Maintain and boost your local SEO presence with monthly management of your Google My Business profile, supported by strategic content and review management. Enhance your website’s authority with guest blog posts and receive regular performance insights through video reporting.

  • Ongoing GMB management

  • 2 monthly GMB posts

  • Monthly blog post creation

  • 2 guest post backlinks

  • Monthly video SEO report

SEO Premium


+$350 set up

Scale your content marketing with additional monthly blog posts and guest post backlinks to fortify your online influence. Continuous GMB posts and review management help grow your local and broader market presence, with detailed video reports to track your SEO advancements.

  • Increased blog post frequency

  • 3 guest post backlinks

  • Continuous GMB post and review management

  • Detailed monthly video SEO report

SEO Enterprise


+$350 set up

Maximize your SEO outreach with the highest frequency of blog posts and guest post backlinks for extensive online impact. Comprehensive GMB management coupled with ongoing review assistance ensures top-tier local and global presence, supported by in-depth monthly video reporting.

  • 4 monthly blog posts

  • 5 guest post backlinks

  • Full-scale GMB management and review assistance

  • In-depth monthly video SEO report

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