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Choose a standard retainer for web development or an SEO retainer to improve your search rankings.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Basic Growth


+$350 set up

Maintain and enhance your site's SEO with continuous content and monitoring:

  • Monthly Blog Post: Fresh, relevant content tailored to engage your audience and improve SEO.

  • Monthly Google My Business Post: Regular updates to keep your GMB profile active and engaging.

  • 2 Guest Post Backlinks: Quality backlinks through guest posts to enhance your domain authority.

  • Monthly Video SEO Report: Detailed video reports on your SEO performance and insights.

SEO Advanced


+$350 set up

Accelerate your SEO efforts for broader impact and higher rankings:

  • 2 Monthly Blog Posts: Double the content to boost your site’s visibility and engagement.

  • 2 Monthly Google My Business Posts: Increased activity on GMB to enhance local SEO.

  • 3 Guest Post Backlinks: More backlinks to improve your site’s authority and search rankings.

  • Monthly Video SEO Report: Comprehensive video insights to track progress and adjust strategies.

SEO Premium


+$350 set up

Maximize your SEO potential with our most extensive package for superior results:

  • 3 Monthly Blog Posts: Triple the content for maximum engagement and SEO benefits.

  • 3 Monthly Google My Business Posts: Constant updates to improve local visibility and engagement.

  • 4 Guest Post Backlinks: A robust backlink strategy to significantly boost your site’s authority.

  • Monthly Video SEO Report: Detailed analytics and insights are presented in video format for easy understanding and tracking.

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